Play the game, they have a name now

Norman Spinrad At Large novelist, screenwriter, literary critic, make a political comment about JIHADHIS, about that THEY PLAY THE GAME,so GIVE THEM THE NAME. He said at that time” It’s World War III, and we are in it.
Al Qaida in Pakistan, Al Qaida in the Mahgreb, Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, the Taliban, whoever, wherever, these groups and franchises operate, they’re called „militants,” in government lingo, in newspaper, news sites, and TV news, they’re called „militants.”

But „militant” denotes a level of passion, dedication, and ruthlessness, not even a tactic as „terrorist” at least does, and that doesn’t begin to describe what they real are.  They they call themselves „jihadhis” and proud of it and that’s what they really are.

All these terrorist groups, wherever they are, whatever their tactics, have a coherent and focused ideological goal–the establishment of a New Caliphate encompassing the entire Umma, all the territories with Muslim population, and in fever dreams even the entire world, governed by an Islamic theocratic dictatorship enforcing Sharia law.

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, and so forth, all a multiplicity of fronts in a Holy War, a Jihahd, between Islam and the more or less more or less Judeo-Christian world culture that has been going on since Mohammed became the first Caliph, Prophet, General, Ruler, and the Catholic Church began the First Crusade.

This is World War III and we are in it.

The denial of this, I believe, is why the Jihadhis, who don’t deny it at all, are referred to as „militants.”

I wrote a few years ago set in a near future in which this Caliphate has been partially established, and is engaged in a proxy battle against the „Great Satan,” A.K.A the United States, using air, sea, and land „drones” rather than risking human troops.

It’s a balanced view, of both sides, with a politically and tactically ruthless young jihadhi who is a villain in western terms, but an unwitting hero in politically Islamic terms, and personally appealing in psychological and ideastic religious terms.

Published in French translation by Fayard as OUSSAMA, unsurprisingly no US publisher has summoned up the courage to touch it with a fork.  And such courage would be admittedly needed.

I knew this was going to be a career-threatening move when I wrote it.  But I felt I had to try anyway.

Because is the possible near future of World War III, and though it is generally and fearfully and ignorantly not admitted, yes, we are all already in it.”

Indeed MrSpinrad…those jihadist play a game and maybe could be named ISIS ?!

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