Report Ranks New York, London, Helsinki Top Cities For Pro-Startup Policymaking


A study of the quality of policymaking in 40 cities around the world, considering how supportive city governments are to entrepreneurs and tech startups, has ranked New York at the top of its ‘innovation friendly’ index, followed by London, Helsinki, Barcelona and Amsterdam. So Big Apple aside, the report suggests city policymakers across Europe are getting their grove on when it comes to digital thinking.

The CITIE: City initiatives for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship report was compiled by U.K. innovation charity Nesta, partnering with management consultancy firm Accenture and smart cities organisation Future Cities Catapult. It offers a granular analysis intended as a guide for city policymakers aiming to foster local startup activity.

The key questions the researchers considered were: is the city open to new businesses? Has the city put the necessary infrastructure in place to support tech startups? And does the city build „entrepreneurship and innovation” into its own operations and processes?

[pullquote author=”” align=”left”]New York got this sooner than other people……

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