I’ve learned that we all can have „angel wings”…:-)

my virtual playground

I’ve learned that regardless of how much we know, it’s never enough, but it’s O.K. since every day, with each new experience, we’re offered new opportunities for discovery and growth… learning is always in session and life urges us to excel at being both enthusiastic and inspired – as a current student and a possible teacher, but enthusiasm is simply „caught”, not „taught”… the greatest challenge of our life is to choose and to decide what’s really essential, to do it better and to disregard everything else… the more creative we are, the more things we notice, and we shouldn’t ever look back – except for something positive, useful, necessary, recalling that self-pity is a waste of our precious time and trust is the main factor in our personal and professional relationships…

I’ve learned that „the secret” of growing old gracefully is never to lose interest and excitement for visiting…

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